Prescription Lenses

We are proud to offer a source of providing you with prescription lenses for your AquaRays sunglasses. We work with the company Revant Optics to assist in providing you with your prescription that are custom fit to your specific AquaRays sunglasses.

We will ship your AquaRays order to you and once you receive your glasses you can place an order with Revant Optics to have your glasses outfitted with prescription lenses. We provide you a link that will direct you to Revant Optics where you can enter your prescription and place your order through them.

Revant Optics carries many different types of prescription lens including polarized, transition and blue light lens for you to choose from.

To place prescription lenses order press Revant Optics link below and the website will walk you through your order!

If you are in need of assistance with placing your prescription order Revant has a wonderful support team that can help provide additional care or support on the Rx side of things.

You can contact them directly at

You will be directed to Kaitlyn who can help with anything you may need in ordering your prescription lenses!

Revant Optics