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About Us

AquaRays is a family-owned startup from a small town outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. Growing up along the Ohio River, the idea for AquaRays grew from a passion for fishing and a love of nature. Following these priorities, the AquaRays mission is to provide sunglasses and apparel that are high quality, sustainably made, and customizable, for a fraction of the price. We believe that businesses should be transparent and work to benefit their communities and the environment.

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Our Mission

Our goal at AquaRays is to provide sunglasses and apparel that are high quality, sustainably made, and customizable, for a fraction of the price. We want to provide great products and services for our customers, while also helping our communities and the environment. Our mission statement, "Rays the Standard," embodies these priorities.

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Our Happy Clients


“Both lightweight and pliable, AquaRays sunglasses fit comfortably on my face for long time wear without any discomfort. The polarized UV lenses help with all day driving and dependability. I love the color design and soft grip of the nose and ear pieces on my DaisyRays, and have enjoyed the versatility of matching them with any outfit. Knowing they are also made from sustainable materials makes me love them even more.”


“First off, the thing I liked and noticed about the glasses is the durability. Working in the construction industry, glasses are a necessity for being outside on the job. They hold up great to scratches, and even drops. The design is eye catching and has the look of higher end brands at an affordable price. I ordered the black and teal pair of Manta Rays, but there’s an assortment of different colors to choose from to support multiple looks. I’ll definitely buy more in the future, and highly recommend AquaRays for a multitude of applications, weather at work, fishing, at a racetrack, or just hanging out with some buddies on the weekend!”


“They have a very unique design that will definitely grab peoples attention, and they have the quality of the bigger brands at a much lower price. I highly recommend AquaRays if you are looking for your next pair of sunglasses.”


“I absolutely love these sunglasses. They are very comfortable, durable and are super cute. I can wear them for hours with no problems. They don’t fall off of my face when I look down and I can put them on my head without them getting tangled in my hair.”


“Great quality, good style, and durable.”