About Us

AquaRays is a family-owned startup from a small town outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. Growing up along the Ohio River, the idea for AquaRays grew from a passion for fishing and a love of nature. Following these priorities, the AquaRays mission is to provide sunglasses and apparel that are high quality, sustainably made, and customizable, for a fraction of the price. We believe that businesses should be transparent and work to benefit their communities and the environment. Though we are a for-profit business, profits are not our main goal. As with most companies, we want to produce great products that make our customers’ lives better, earn a good living, and create jobs in our community. However, we want to do more than just that. We want to make a difference in our community and for the environment. After 3 years of research and development, we are proud to finally bring our AquaRays sunglasses to you!

Our sunglasses are made from castor-oil plants, and our apparel is made of organic cotton. Both castor oil and organic cotton are natural resources that are renewable and biodegradable. We have worked to make our supply chain as efficient as possible. Though we are making the best decisions possible currently, we know that better materials and processes can be developed, and we hope to be a part of this growth. We plan to continually strive to improve our processes and create the most ecofriendly supply chain possible. In addition, we hope to partner with other organizations that are working hard for our environment. We want to help further the use of renewable energy and resources, and aid in clean up efforts of our land and waterways. As an AquaRays customer, you can help us to reach these goals and be the best company we can be!